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Little Sprog Co. – FAQ

  • The first step is to sign up as a parent on the Little Sprog Co. website or App.

  • You will then be able to complete your parent profile, which includes children’s names, ages, your address details etc. - you will only have to do this once.  Once you are signed up as a parent you can search the babysitters on our platform based on your area, dates and times you are seeking a babysitter for.

  • When you find a babysitter that you like (you can check their profiles and other parent ratings) you select the “request a booking” tab on their profile. 
  • Note that if your profile isn't fully complete at this point, you will be re-directed to your parent profile to fill in all sections required for the booking, such as address, children's names, ages, your contact details and an emergency contact.

  • You will be asked to confirm the time and date of the booking,  select children from your profile that the babysitter will be caring for, and review the quote for the job before sending the booking request.

  • The babysitter will respond to you directly (they will either accept or decline this booking) and you will be notified via email, the App and your Little Sprog Co. profile.
  • You will receive a notification back from the babysitter directly confirming the booking.

  • Details of the booking will be in your Little Sprog Co. profile, and will be sent to your email.

  • An invoice will be generated, sent to your email and stored in your Little Sprog Co. profile. You will need to log in to your Little Sprog Co. account or app to pay this invoice via credit card.

  • If you have selected times outside of their standard working hours, you will receive a warning that you have selected the babysitter outside of their standard working hours. The babysitter will still receive your request (as they may be able to juggle things at their end to accommodate your booking request).

  • If the babysitter declines your booking, you will be notified via your profile and via email. In this case, your credit card will not be charged.
Baby Sitter

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