Baby Sitter

How much does the service cost

Little Sprog Co. is free to join and has no membership or subscription fees. Payment is made via credit card at an hourly rate according to the below schedule:

Regular booking:

Basic hourly rate (up to 3 children over 1 year)


Urgent hourly rate (where the babysitter receives less than 12 hours notice)


Public holiday rate (including Dec 31st - evening)


Additional fee for infants (under 1 year)


Booking fee (per booking)



Travel Fees

If babysitters are required to drive your children, using their own car. $0.76 cents per km driven will be charged.
These charges ONLY apply if your children are in the car.

Custom Booking:

Overnight sitters



Little Sprog Co. pride ourselves on the recruitment of the best babysitters in the business.

We understand that as your family's needs change, opportunities for our babysitters may arise in your home.

In this instance, a recruitment fee of $150 would be payable to Little Sprog Co. by the family employing the Little Sprog Co. independent contractor.