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Hi there, I'm Lindy, a Mama of two and a mad juggler. Little Sprog Co. was born out of a real need in our family for an extra set of hands and a little bit of help with the kids.

Like every household with children, my husband Callum and I seemed to be constantly juggling work, home, annual leave, sickness, drop offs and the list goes on...

We felt that it would be really helpful to have easy access to a reliable service where you could book a pre-screened babysitter, last minute, with no ongoing commitments. 

We started doing some research, talked with friends, family and like-minded parents, and realised that last minute childcare was a real pain point!

We have therefore put together an easy, intuitive website and App that can hopefully help your family when you feel like the juggling is getting a bit too much (or when you want to put on your high heels on and head out for a vino!).

Thank you for visiting our Little Sprog Co. site!


Baby Sitter

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